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"Impossible is nothing" - with this motto Dilyaver LTD passed the first stage of the formation to develop dynamically. The company started in 1992, trade in posters, chewing gum through a network of distributors in the Moscow subway became the first experience of business.
After a few months Dilyaver LTD has so boosted sales, that's why bought up all the gum produced in the factory "Rot Front". Chewing gum "pulled" a candy, halva, chocolate, buyers of the company "Dilyaver" became major regional wholesalers, Moscow stores.
By 1993-94 Dilyaver LTD was among to the five largest companies which sell a full range of the Moscow factory "Krasny Oktyabr", "Rot Front", "Babayevskoye" "Udarnitsa", "Bolshevik". Than the company "Dilyaver" pushed its sales outside the territory of the former Soviet Union.

In 1994 Dilyaver LTD took part in one of the largest international food and drinks exhibition in the UK (Birmingham), Food & Drink Expo.

In 1994 Dilyaver LTD participated in the international food products exhibition in Paris.
In 1995 Dilyaver LTD got an official status of the representative of the factory "Red October" in North America and started to deliver Moscow confectionery products in the United States. Among the clients of Dilyaver are traders from Israel, Greece, Mongolia.
At the same time were opened a few more businesses, the most successfully is developing trade in office equipment and the production of Christmas gifts.
Since 2000, Dilyaver LTD regularly participates Prodexpo, ROSUPAK, World food.
Now Dilyaver LTD occupies a leading position in foreign economic activity www.dilyaver.com, specifically the export of foodstuffs and consumer goods to far and near abroad. The high quality of Dilyaver LTD employees contributes to the expansion of geography of Dilyaver LTD as well as an increase in partners abroad, and trade between the countries.
The company "Dilyaver" entered a new market: the tickets for Moscow New Year's events, New Year's gifts and wrapping gifts for New Year's day. So the best sites have become partners of  "Dilyaver". Major companies are ordering New Year's gifts and packaging.
So the company "Dilyaver" starts to develop multiple businesses, the most successfully are developing trade in office equipment and the production of New Year's gifts.
Since 2000, the company "Dilyaver" regularly participates Prodexpo, ROSUPAK, WORLDFOOD.
The company "Dilyaver" manufactures and sells packaging. All market players agree that no one has such a huge range of New Year's packages, which are always in warehouse in the company "Dilyaver". The company has its own workshop, where are embodied the daring design solutions.
The company "Dilyaver" completes and sells New Year's gifts. Today, the company "Dilyaver" is one of the largest producers of New Year's gifts www.snegovik.ru . More than twenty years experience in the market provide the high quality. The best confirmation of this - the company was awarded the title "Supplier of the Year" in Moscow.
The company "Dilyaver" pays great attention to the social orders from orphanages, boarding schools, etc. A co-operation with local enterprises of the company agree on the "Dilyaver" with the policy of the Government of the Russian Federation aimed at maintaining local producers. Filling the New Year's gifts include popular and favorite candies, waffles, fruit jellies from the Moscow factory "Krasny Oktyabr", "RotFront", "Babaev," "Udarnitsa", "Kolomna", "Mechta" and other. Corporate New Year's gifts from the "Dilyaver" always represent something original. Packaging made of sheet metal, textiles, cardboard, bark or boxes with a list, within sets of chocolates, coffee, elite tea and an interesting souvenir as well.
The company "Dilyaver" services of Moscow New Year's performances, taking place under the control of the Government of Moscow. Currently, the company - one of the biggest agencies, offering the widest range of tickets for New Year's performances of Moscow. New Year's performances  in the "Olympic", Children's Musical Theater. N. Sats, Circus on Vernadsky Prospekt, Column Hall of the Union House, House of the Music and many others orders gifts in the "Dilyaver". This is facilitated by the high quality of our employees, interesting design solutions New Year's packaging and toys, the optimal set of confectionery products, including the best sets of the Moscow manufacturers.
"Dilyaver" is full cycle company, including production equipment, the sale of New Year's Gifts and packages, as well as selling tickets for New Year's  events at the organizer's price!
In the company's wholesale store you can buy New Year's gifts and tickets at wholesale prices.
We are waiting for you in our office: Moscow, Oslyabinsky Lane 3, Avtozavodskaya Metro station, "Dilyaver" company.