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Presentation of gifts from "Dilyaver" company

September 24, 2012

At the beginning of each school year, the "Dilyaver" company conduct presentations of gifts in the Office of Education, schools and day care centers in Moscow and Moscow region. These meetings address to critical issues in education and the organization of the process, including what gifts to order for the New Year?
The company offers traditional gifts in the package of tin, cardboard, plastics and textiles, looks like toys
and have a high demand - the symbol of a year or backpack (even with a musical chip!). In addition to a set of sweets in gifts from "Dilyaver" puts children's toys and exclusive license discs and coloring from "Disney". Taking into account the wishes of parents to reduce the weight of the candy in the present, we have focused on quality and functional package. As shown by the first days of autumn - not in vain.
If you are the organizer of purchasing gifts for the class, school, kindergarten group and wish that we had come to you with the presentation (or place an order), send a request for podarok2013@list.ru