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Unique advertising show "Night of Ad Eaters"!

February 26, 2013

How to visit more than 40 countries, comfortably ensconced in their seats? Very simple: visit the "Night of Ad Eaters"!
More than 5 hours show advertising masterpieces, hundreds of amazing videos from all over the world - enjoy the show:

- best of British advertising (with the support of the Association of Advertising producers);
- Romanian advertising at its best;
- funny and a bit crazy commercials from Japan;
- the return of American advertising with incredible roller that will make you scream!
- advertisers pay tribute to "Star Wars";
- panorama of hilarious clips from Lynx / Axe;
- hairy first car:
- return in the 60;
- latest ad campaign Chanel and Armani;
- Peruvian advertising chocolate "Cua-Cua";
- And, as always, rare and unique videos of the Cinémathèque Jean Marie Boursicot.

Order tickets for "Night of Ad Eaters 2013" are available by calling (495) 215-0000