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The company "Dilyaver" was named "Supplier of Moscow"

October 01, 2011

MOSCOW, September 28 - RIA Novosti. Quality of government orders in Moscow should be maintained at a high level, said the head of the Moscow Department on Competition Policy Gennady fly in on Wednesday at the solemn graduation ceremony, "The supplier of goods and services for the city of Moscow in 2010."
 In total up to 2010 of this title awarded 112 companies. Decree of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the title was awarded: "the Provider of Moscow" and confirmed by the 75 companies. At the same 38 companies, the winners were awarded in March 2011 at the Seventh All-Russian Forum and Exhibition 2011 state order, and on Wednesday at the White Hall of the Moscow City Hall diplomas and marks were awarded another 28 companies, 18 of which have received awards for the first time.

 "I congratulate you on this great award, let me emphasize that this estimate is not the head, and the assessment team and the work that she was still in demand at the city level. And we, as organizers and responsible for the placement of municipal order will create conditions for public contracts to the question of goodwill, quality, and, accordingly, the terms and conditions under which the work was a priority, "- said the tar.

He added that all the changes that are occurring in the system "gorzakaza" aim to ensure that "the market is always attended by municipal order suppliers who really want the job to perform."

"And I believe that together we will have a difficult, but, nevertheless, a mandatory item in the current legislation - to exclude the possibility that some elements were, and even more pressure on high-quality products", - said the head of the department.

Organizations that have received the title of the provider of Moscow, have the opportunity to declare itself as a bona fide provider. In addition, the title gives the right to use it for advertising purposes, as well as product labeling.

The title of "Supplier of goods and services for the city of Moscow" was approved in 2005. It is assigned to the best organizations working on the development of the capital in the system of state orders. All nominees are tested in specialized commissions of city customers in the respective departments, and then - in the technical process of awarding the organizer - OJSC "United editors of publications Mayor and the Moscow government," the capital's control committee, the Department of Competition Policy. After that, the lists of nominees provided for approval by the Mayor.