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2009 Rosbalt "budget extravaganza of top-five Christams events

December 04, 2009

Russia, St. Petersburg
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The budget extravaganza of top-five Christams events

 New children's vacation does not necessarily lead to the ruin of their parents. "Rosbalt" selected the 5 best New Year's representations in Moscow, which not only make children squeal with delight, but without burdening the family budget. Especially if you think about buying tickets now!
 Every child is waiting for the New Year not only because their parents creates the impression that the "dream come true", but also because Christmas weekend - a great opportunity to spend time communicating with their children. And children long for "fairy tales", and then brag to each other not only gifts, but also all sorts of impressions received during the holidays. For the attention of children and parents at this time fighting about a dozen New Year's performances, and every year, this struggle becomes more intense. The upcoming New Year celebration - is no exception.
 Only in the Russian capital held about two dozen massive Christams events for the children. And despite the fact that the price of tickets for New Year's shows, as a rule, include a corporate gift, they will still bite. The average price of a ticket to the most popular New Year's performances for children in Moscow is 1,500 rubles. Therefore, the correspondent of "Rosbalt" had to ring up about a dozen ticket sellers at the "fairy tale" to select the five New Year's performances, which almost certainly will not disappoint the children and do not pierce a hole in the family budget. Selected are not only in price range from 390 to 1,500 rubles, but also arranged proven "grandfathers frosts."
 "ABVGDeyke - 35 years!" Few know that the legendary TV educational program, which grew more than one generation of Russians, first aired on the eve of 1976. Jubilee, besides Christmas, "ABVGDeyka" will remain true to itself - entertaining informative "lesson" in the form of a fabulous show at the "Crocus City Hall", which is called the largest and most comfortable room in Russia. The organizers promise to turn the presentation not only concert hall in a television platform on which your child could become a star, but also to an amusement park. It offers laser cartoon show, a cascade of bubbles, motion-play areas with clowns and theater and musical performance with self-perpetuating leadership program Kirillovna Tatiana and her assistants - Kljopov, studs and Pechkin. Ticket price - from 390 to 650 rubles, without the gift, from 690 to 950 rubles with a gift.
 Christmas tree in the Column Hall One of the most prestigious and most legendary "trees" of the country. For good, it is "tree" in the Column Hall of the House of Unions, and is considered the most important "tree" of the country. It was here in 1936 was carried out first in the Soviet Union a mass celebration of New Year's for kids. At the same time the Soviet children presented a good Grandfather Frost, who gives gifts - up to this time the Grand Elder of the North more and more people froze. (Recall, for example, the hero of the poem by Nekrasov's "Frost - Red Nose," in which Frost had killed a young peasant woman, leaving her young children orphaned.) Column Hall was originally conceived as a place for special occasions. Here, in the eighteenth century, before the sunset of the Russian Empire held its meetings the Moscow Noble Assembly and shone in the splendid high society balls. Here Pushkin first met his future wife. The upcoming Christmas season - the continuation of the glorious Soviet tradition of celebrating the New Year: a fun contests and games, rides and, of course, "New Year's journey through fairy tales." Ticket price - 900 rubles without a gift, a gift of 1,200 rubles.
 Tales of the Musical Theater. NS Sats Theater founder Natalia Sats, grew up in the magic kingdom of great music. In the house of her parents, well-known musical figures, he played Rachmaninov. Her father, the composer Ilya Sats, after the "Blue Bird" became known far beyond Russia's borders. It was under the influence of his father, Natalia decided to devote himself to music. In the thirties of last century, she created the Central Children's Theatre, which was not considered shameful to cooperate such "status" Soviet composers as Tikhon Khrennikov. In 1979, for the Theatre of Natalia Sats constructed building on Vernadsky avenue, over which floats on a golden harp, the legendary "Blue Bird". Intimacy of the auditorium will allow children to easily dive into the world of fairy tales, which will show here during the Christmas holidays: "The Snow Queen," "The Snow Maiden," "Nutcracker," "Cinderella", "12 months", "Thumbelina," "The Wizard of Oz , "" Frog Princess ". Ticket price - 700 to 900 rubles with a gift.
 Ice show "by magic comes to New Year's" Perfect incarnation of the famous fairy tale about Yemelya by legendary masters of figure skating. The famous Soviet and Russian figure skater Ilya Averbukh posted another champion in figure skating, Alexei Yagudin, who plays Emelya, in search of a magic stone, giving joy and good humor. As usual, our heroes will be assisted by loyal friends - Alexei Tikhonov Valeriy Lansky. However, I think, they are easy to not only overcome all the dangers, but also will give a beautiful show for children and parents. Ticket price - 400 to 1,500 rubles without a gift, from 800 to 1,900 rubles with a gift.
 Christmas adventure "Return the stolen snow!" For extremely urgent requirement of the New Year snow hides an invitation to New Year's celebration, hosted under the patronage of a man capable of performing miracles on the stage, Boris Krasnov. In the luxurious hall of celebrations "Forum Hall" is going to view you will hit in the first place, unique scenery in the performance of transformers, wizard Krasnov. The festival organizers in the "Forum Hall" plan with the help of dance, music and circus tricks to find out where the snow was gone? Main suspect in the theft - The Snow Queen. As in any good fairy tale, after "investigation" promised a miracle - the mountains of New Year's snow-white snow. Ticket price - 600 to 1,500 rubles with a gift.
 If you take care in advance, then another miracle promises company "Dilyaver," which not only sells tickets for the Christmas trees in Moscow without intermediary mark-ups, but also promises to anyone who purchased 10 tickets to the 23rd of December - one ticket goes free
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 Gregory Vesyoliy