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"Dilyaver" - packaging fashion legislator

November 01, 2008

The name of the company "Dilyaver" for 16 years is synonymous with the holiday for all Russians. Christmas gifts on the market and package it has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers, offering its partners and customers a wealth of price, performance and packaging gifts in the best packaging made of cardboard, plastic, tin, silver birch, textiles, etc. A wide range of products includes all types of products - from economy to premium.
 Gifts for every taste and in any required quantity - in stock at "Dilyaver"
 Their most striking, the most celebrated, most family holiday - a New Year! This festival - one of the most popular, fun, magical, unforgettable. People go shopping in search of food for the holiday table, but most importantly - they're looking for Christmas gifts! Indeed, so eager to please their favorite trinket or pleasant, or something necessary and important. In the New Year would like to present something different, original. By this do not miss your chance to donate to this wonderful day with all his family, friends, colleagues, good mood, smiling and, of course, presents a vivid and memorable package from "Dilyaver"!
 The company's activities "Dilyaver" consists of three areas: production and sale of packaging, acquisition and sale of New Year's gifts from the best confectionery factories in Russia and maintenance of all large urban Christmas events taking place under the control of government of Moscow. In this issue of "Confectionery" we tell you about the Christmas special in 2008. After all, no accident that all market participants agree that such a huge range of packages, which are in stock at "Dilyaver," there is almost none. Moreover, a Christmas gift wrap is made of different materials: cardboard, textiles, tin, and others - that is, of course, affect its value-dependence, and in that everyone has the opportunity to choose the right package for themselves based on the budget, and the weight of the gift his imagination.
Pack of textiles
All products are "Dilyaver" differ from competitors' products so that each one is unique, the second such in the market can not be found!
 New packaging tech-style - often referred to as soft toys with candy - it's the premium segment of the Christmas package. In recent years the kits, which include a soft toy and a delicious pastry collection, acquired enormous popularity in Russia. The more that such a package can act as an independent toy: it can be used as a purse, backpack, bag, etc. The collection of 2008 the company's specialists have not forgotten about the symbol of the year - Bull. This original gift will appeal to everyone and will give additional shades of your holiday.
 All the products are different from competitors' products so that each one is unique, the second such find in the market can not be! And if we add to this original design and affordable price, the benefits of working with "Dilyaver" is more than obvious. Packaging is made as to the foreign, and the fatherland-governmental enterprises. In addition, the company has a sewing shop that allows you to quickly execute a customer order or to complete the required number of gifts. In a short time the designers' Dilyaver "offers a wide range of packaging options to meet all customer requirements.
Packaging made of tin
There are people who year after year to buy gifts in the package from "Dilyaver." Moreover, many even gather a collection of them. Every time our experts are trying to create something interesting, not to deceive the expectations of its customers. Christmas gifts of tin from "Dilyaver" create a festive mood: vibrant colors, original performance package makes a joyful celebration. Most often after drinking the contents of gift packaging - boxes, boxes, tubes, bags, and "books", etc. - it becomes part of the home-interior, new toys of children. In addition, New Year's gifts of tin is ideal for corporate gifts. This package is produced in the "Murmansk tare combine" for exclusive designs from the "Dilyaver."

Packaging made of cardboard
 New packaging from cardboard has already become a classic in the Russian market. Despite its affordable price, the packaging may look festive and associated with the New Year. All packaging made of cardboard from "Dilyaver" - is the ideal value and quality of Islands, a bright, colorful design and all kinds of structures, it is a gift for adults and children.
When you ordering cardboard packaging from the company "Dilyaver" you always get an original, unique product. Such a deep study of all details of the order has been made possible thanks to a unique experience and well-established pattern of interaction with customers. At first glance the manufacturing of cardboard boxes  seem a simple process, but actually to create a truly original product can only highly qualified specialists: marketers and designers, technologists and printers.
Packing in plastic and tubes
New plastic packaging has always been in great demand. Of particular interest in the gifts of the plastic occurs in children and housewives - in fact in the following package can be used for different purposes: it becomes a housewife cooking utensils for food storage, while the children can become not only a toy, but also their own "hiding place".

 Luxury Christmas gifts from the company "Dilyaver" create a festive mood.
 Packaging from "Dilyaver" meet the most stringent sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations. Modern technology allows a container of exceptionally high quality. Products made of plastic resistant to mechanical and thermal influences - they do not freeze and random deformation restore its original shape. Plastic Packaging is designed for a large amount of content, which suggests opportunities for selection of the range of confectionery for the gift. For example, the packaging is "Bull", the capacity is 500 grams,
 Cardboard tubes called "rolled cardboard" combined, as used in their manufacture a wide variety of materials: cardboard, aluminum, painted sheet metal, polyethylene, wood, etc. The possibilities are endless execution of printing - from a normal or metallized paper to various design materials using various types of finishes (stamping foil any kind - gold or silver, as well as 3D holographic foil), applying different types of paints, the use of special inks. In other words, the design possibilities are limited only by imagination tubes client. Businesses of "Dilyaver" consult on all issues and find the best solutions for tube design for you, taking into account the financial possibilities, as well as all the features and characteristics of the goods. The company "Dilyaver" offers more than 10 species of this type of packaging with the occupancy of from 250 g to 1.5 kg.
Elite Packaging
Fashion on a beautiful, elegant, premium packaging was introduced in Russia not so long ago, but consumers have come to love this tradition, especially as recognized by the legislator here is a company "Dilyaver."
 The collection of gifts in 2008 from "Dilyaver" symbol of the year - Bull
 Russia has been famous for its crafts, souvenirs such as jewelry boxes with paintings, metal, bark and silver. The company "Dilyaver" has created his own unique style of New Year's package, which has no analogues. It was the first in Russia who began producing premium packaging made of birch bark. This Christmas package - it's always exclusive hand work of the great masters of art in wood and bark, metal. In developing this package uses traditional folk ornaments.
 Today, the term "gift wrap" is not exclusively associated with the well-known holidays. The holiday can "happen" every day, corporate parties, birthdays, just a good mood. Dear both exclusive and unforgettable gifts from "Dilyaver" will be appreciated by your loved ones and friends, work colleagues.

Smart Strategy
 The management and staff of the company "Dilyaver" well aware that another key to success is the ability to competently introduce customers and partners with their products, drawing their attention to its competitive advantage. Autumn - the best time to plan for business, establish new business relationships. Therefore, "Dilyaver" participates in a variety of autumn sessions - conferences, competitions, parades and fairs. In September 2008, company will participate in a professional exhibition World Food. The event is considered by the company as a guaranteed way to demonstrate their latest developments and innovations. Anyone will be able to get acquainted with the commercial line of products, visit booth F641 in Hall "Forum", and to discuss possible terms of cooperation. The company "Dilyaver" has no doubt that their products will be able to gain the highest reward.
 Creating a viable brand, rapid response to changes in the industry, strict compliance with all accepted standards of products and impeccable business reputation - all this guarantees long-term, and most importantly, mutually beneficial cooperation with the enterprise.
Legendary, without any exaggeration, the story of "Dilyaver" began in 1992. In a short time - as early as 1993-1994. - The company among the five largest companies that sell a full range of the Moscow factory Krasny Oktyabr", "Rot Front", "Babaev," "Udarnitsa," "Bolshevik," etc. In the future, the company expanded its sales territory outside the former Soviet Union . Important was the fact that in 1995 "Dilyaver" received the official status of the representative of the factory "Krasny Oktyabr" in North America and Moscow began shipping in the U.S. confectionery. In 2008  company was awarded the title "Supplier of the Year for the city of Moscow" by the mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov.