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The "Dilyaver" company gives gifts to children.

May 18, 2012

The company "Dilyaver" has always been actively involved in charity events. Especially when it comes to children.
From 20 May to 2 June in Moscow will host the IX International Festival "Moscow Meets Friends". The organizers of the festival - International Foundation of Vladimir Spivakov with the direct participation of the Moscow Government and the Department of Culture, Moscow. The festival involved 500 children, not only from Russia but from all over our vast planet. As many as 9 days at various venues in Moscow will be held art exhibitions and musical concerts are talented kids from all over the world.
Poster measures can be found at the website of charity fund.

The company "Dilyaver" became an honorary partner of the international festival and provided 500 gifts, which the organizers will hand overtothe childrenin the closing ceremony of the festival.