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"Dilyaver" company presents New Year

June 06, 2012

The company "Dilyaver" presents New Year's ice show "The Three Musketeers"
The exploits of the brave musketeers, duels and fierce battle with the guards, a dizzying chase and royal balls, friendship, loyalty, hope and, of course, love - how many generations grew up, holding their breath over the pages of novels about the true friends, Musketeers, how many of children's hearts beat faster, to the beat of hooves clatter, the rhythm of the chase! And, of course, there is no child who has not dreamed to see D'Artagnan, desperate braveman, noble friend, and the conqueror of female hearts! Children's dreams of many generations will come true: adventure show "The Three Musketeers", a unique and wonderful, heart-stopping force with delight when they meet with their favorite characters, descended from the yellowed pages from time to time.
The creators of the show will combine for the first time in history in one scene a highly professional and dynamic skating musical horse show with dzhigits-stuntmen and fantastic beauty of horses, for which the field around the ice road will be made with a special coating. Add to that a skilful fencing, acrobatics and sumptuous costumes - it's hard to imagine a more complete palette of experiences. The musical canvas of the show - your favorite songs on the music of Maxim Dunaevsky, subdued soul boys and girls for generations. Come, bring children and sing along with them: "It is time, time to rejoice, in his lifetime!"
To order tickets for the ice show, please call (495) 742-4448