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The "Dilyaver" company presents a fabulous New Year

July 04, 2012

In the days of the Christmas holidays the "Dilyaver" company presents a fabulous New Year's show "Nu, pogodi!". All your favorite characters come to life on stage, and their adventures continue with the participation of other forest dwellers, and, of course, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. And the action will be accompanied by live music performed by this orchestra of the forest!
Kids waiting for the traditional entertainment and lots of surprises:
- The original 3D entertainment room;
- Specially created for the show MULTSYURPRIZ;
- Clowns and magicians;
- The original world-class circus acts;
- Participation in the show exotic animals;
- Laser cartoon shows and many others.
To order tickets for "Nu, pogodi!" please call (495) 742-4448