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"Dilyaver"company presents fairy tale based on Hans Christian Andersen

July 13, 2012

This story happened on Christmas Eve, when the street was very cold, and people in warm houses were prepared for the holiday. And just a little girl standing in the town square and offered passers-by to buy a match to earn a little money. Suddenly, Frost appeared in front of her. He gave her a sparkling crystal beads, which turned into tears of girls, and offered to go with him to the ball to the Ice Queen, but she refused. Frightened, the girl lit a match, immediately fire came, which why Frost ran away, and the girl was able to get warm. As long as the match burned Ms. Blizzard arrived to a little girl. She wanted to cover the girl snow shawl and lead to the Ice Queen. The girl felt completely frozen in the snow whirl of snowflakes and lit a new match. Warm Spark trembled in her frozen pens again, and Ms. Blizzard disappeared at the same moment .

"Christ the Saviour Cathedral"
Kropotkinskaya subway, Volkhonka Street, Building 15

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