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The "Dilyaver" company offers you a Christmas musical presentation "The Snow Maiden"

July 16, 2012

Based on the beloved tales the Snow Maiden was staged ballet to music by contemporary composer Vladimir Podgoredetskiy. Permeated the popular folk motifs and images, it brings the viewer into the world of family traditions, beliefs and practices. The action of the play begins in a snowy forest, where Severe Sharp Frost and Beautiful Spring met. Snow Maiden was born from their love.
She was bored in the forest, and she wanted to live among the people and to love as people love. She went to the Berendeevo kingdom, to a cheerful buffoon people who conjures dancing the arrival of Spring, and charming girl's heart with songs. But if the snow beauty is destined to live among the beautiful people?

Dates of performances - Snow Maiden:
December 23, 2012 - 12-00, 16-00
January 7, 2013 - 12-00, 16-00

The ticket price without a gift: - 350, 600, 800, 1000 rubles.
The ticket price with a gift: - 750, 1000, 1200, 1400 rubles.

To order tickets for the Christmas show "Snow Maiden", please call (495) 742-4448