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Company Day "Dilyaver"

August 27, 2012

August 25-26  "Dilyaver" company celebrated the 21st anniversary of foundation. Corporate event, entitled "End of the World is canceled" employees celebrated in the resort "Sunny Meadow". In the program of the event were congratulations, awards, competitions for experienced and new employees, corporate song "Song Friends", comic theatrical performances by the staff, as well - and flashlights that grant their wishes are launched into the night sky. Considerable time employees of the "Dilyaver" сompany held on the sports field (volleyball, basketball, badminton) and the dance floor. Many employees brought their children with them, for which there were also funny equipment with bicycle racing, and more.
Employees from different offices were together: some cooked kebabs, grilled meats, heated real samovar, others were responsible for the cultural program. Overall holiday was a success! Happy Birthday,  "Dilyaver" сompany!