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Results of the "School Fair from A to Z" for "Dilyaver" company

August 28, 2012

From 17-25 August 2012 at the International Exhibition Center (№ 75 in the VVC) in anticipation of the new school year held the 7-th specialized exhibition "School Fair from A to Z". Parents were given a great opportunity to purchase all the necessary items for school children, infants and preschool children.

In addition, each person having a relationship to the school had the opportunity to see for Christmas gifts, which the company "Dilyaver" prepared especially for childcare. Gifts of tin, textiles, plastics, as well as exclusive gifts with a surprise from the Disney attracted attention of every exhibitor, without exception. Also, every visitor could buy tickets for the best New Year's events at prices of the organizers.

Company "Dilyaver" thanks all: organizers - for the opportunity to participate, people come - for active interest and its current and future customers - for their confidence. We create gifts for the children and not only, so - we are creating a holiday!