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Photo-review of exhibition "SIAL China 2012"
May 11, 2012

Dear Partners!

Foreign Trade Company "Dilyaver" presents to your attention photo review of exhibition "SIAL China 2012". On stand N5 C 035 "Dilyaver" LTD presented food product from Russia which we will be able to put on favorable terms to any country in the world.

The "Dilyaver" company invites you to visit our stand at the exhibition "RosUpack 2012".
May 01, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen!
The "Dilyaver" company invites you to visit our stand in Hall BV703 at the exhibition "RosUpack 2012". Venue - VVTC, pavilion 75 (Metro VDNKH station).

Stand on exhibition «SIAL China 2012».
April 29, 2012

Our export trading company Dilyaver LTD Welcomes you to visit our stand N5 C 035 on exhibition «SIAL China 2012».

All-Russian Business Rating
April 01, 2012

The Organizing Committee of "THE ALL-RUSSIAN BUSINESS - RATING" informs you that, based on official government statistics data of the Russian Federation for the last reporting period, your company  "Dilyaver" LTD has achieved competitive advantage and occupied the "73" position in the rating of the classifier of economic activity "74.86 "-" Activities of call centers. "Ranking conducted among 646,000 businesses, regardless of ownership, which pass statistical reports inside the Russian Federation.

"Dilyaver" LTD invites you to visit our stand at "Prodexpo - 2012"
February 01, 2012

"Dilyaver"Ltd invites you to visit our stand at "Prodexpo - 2012", where you can see an expanded collection of gift wrapping textiles, tin, and the binding cardboard cases made ​​of plastic and leather, birch bark and wood of the elite pack, collages and much more.