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Organization of production of the "Dilyaver" LTD is based on the most modern principles:
- quality raw material which meets all the technical and security standards in the food industry;
- qualified and motivated personnel;
- convenient production logistics;
- high level of structuring management in the workplace;
Our additional advantage - we make only the best creative ideas, thereby achieve individuality of each product.
The "Dilyaver" company's mission - "Gifts worthy of celebration."
The "Dilyaver" company gives vivid New Year's gifts to each family and the best New Year's events in Moscow.
Manufacturing company "Dilyaver" offers services on production of individual packaging for gifts, gift packaging, sewing carnival clothes.

The "Dilyaver" company has its own workshop with a modern line of the filling, where the most daring design solutions embodied by the hands of qualified personnel.

For more information on services, terms and costs, you can check by phone +7 (495) 585-1307.